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What Do You Know About Choosing A Guardian For Your Minor Child?

You had your first baby recently, and you want to do everything possible to provide for your newborn. Do you have someone in mind to take care of your baby if you and the other parent die unexpectedly?

U.S. News & World Report offers insights about guardians for minor children. Find out how to feel confident about your and your child’s futures.

Your Relationship

Of course, you want to have a solid relationship with your child’s potential guardian. You may also consider additional qualities. For instance, should your child’s guardian have good money skills? Perhaps you want someone who shares your religious or spiritual views.

Your Values

Do you want your child’s guardian to share your values? Even if your candidate does not, it may comfort you to choose someone who respects your values and does not mind instilling them in your newborn.

Your Proximity

Think about whether your guardian must live in the same area or state as you. If not, does the person mind moving closer to your child? Perhaps you do not mind if your child moves. Think about the logistics of the move and how much time and energy it may involve.

Your Backup Options

Your initial guardian candidate may decline the role. She or he could marry, divorce or have children of her or his own. Choose backup guardians for your peace of mind. Speak with every candidate about the role to make sure they understand what being a guardian means.

You may not want to think about dying before raising your child, but you deserve to account for every possibility.