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Helping You Make Changes To Divorce Orders In Arkansas

Divorce decrees and orders dealing with issues involving minor children are not set in stone. Things change over time, including the needs of children, the financial situations of their parents and the living conditions and environment in which they are living. If you need help exploring your options for modifying a family law order, it is in your best interest to discuss your situation with a lawyer.

At The Wright Law Firm, located in Little Rock, I handle divorce modification throughout the state of Arkansas. I am Trey Wright, and I have built my practice on providing people with the personal service they deserve and the aggressive representation they need. I am a strong advocate, and I do everything in my power to secure the best possible outcomes for my clients and their families.

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Could Your Divorce Decree Be Modified?

In order to modify anything after a divorce, there has to be clear evidence of a material change in circumstances. For instance, in modifying child support, a material change is a change of 10% or $100 per month.

By far, the most common orders that are modified deal with child custody, child support and visitation. Generally, if there has been a period of several years since your child support has been addressed, you are most likely due for a modification as incomes tend to rise over time.

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