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Who Pays The Bills After A Divorce?

Just as the marital property is divided equally in a divorce, so are the marital debts. This is not to say that each spouse pays half of each bill after the divorce, however. Debts that were accrued during the marriage are divided so that each spouse carries an equitable share of the financial burden.

There may be times that it is appropriate for the court to deviate from the equitable division rules when dividing debt. If one spouse was intentionally running up credit card bills or wasted money on gambling, drugs or some other vice, the court has the authority to assign associated debts to the person responsible for them.

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Extensive Experience With Asset And Debt Division

I am attorney Trey Wright, and I am able to handle division of property and debt in Little Rock and throughout Arkansas. At The Wright Law Firm, I offer my clients years of experience handling many different kinds of complex property division matters. I understand the factors the courts consider when making their decisions about how to divide debts, and I know how to present the most compelling possible argument in search of a positive result on behalf of my clients.

When you hire me as your lawyer, I will work closely with you to understand which debts should be considered part of the marital estate and which should be kept separate. If your spouse tries to include one of their personal debts in the marital estate, I will fight to keep it out. By the same token, if there is a marital debt that your spouse is trying to put on you as separate, I will fight to ensure that it remains a marital debt.

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