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Understanding Guardianships In Arkansas

A guardianship is a legal tool used to make sure people are cared for when they are unable to care for themselves or make crucial decisions about their rights. Guardianships are put in place to protect minors or adults who are unable to make decisions due to age, mental incapacity or physical disability.

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Why Are Guardianships Created?

In cases involving minors, guardianships are usually created when an existing legal guardian – usually a parent – is either unable or unwilling to perform the duties of a guardian. For instance, if a parent or guardian is using drugs, addicted to alcohol, abusive or in jail, they are not able to perform their duties effectively.

When an adult is the subject of the guardianship, a guardian will have the power to make important decisions for them, much like a parent or guardian makes decisions for a minor. This includes decisions involving estates, medical care and financial transactions. Most guardians for adults are adult children taking care of elderly parents who can no longer care for themselves.

Is A Guardianship The Right Answer?

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