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Understanding Joint Custody In Arkansas

Joint custody has not historically been favored in Arkansas, but it has grown in popularity in recent years. Joint custody is a true 50-50 custody agreement in which the child spends half of his or her time with each parent. There are a number of important considerations that go into a joint custody agreement. Be sure that you seek the advice of a reliable Little Rock joint custody attorney who can help you through this sometimes complex process.

Handling All Aspects Of Your Custody Agreement

I am Trey Wright, and at The Wright Law Firm, I represent clients throughout the state in all aspects of joint custody. From helping you with the drafting and review of the custody agreement to submitting it to the court for approval, I will be there with you at every step in the process.

The Advantages Of Sharing Custody

There are a number of advantages to joint custody. Each parent gets to spend equal time with the child, minimizing any disruption in the parents’ relationship with the child. Each parent’s financial obligations are adjusted based upon their respective incomes and time spent with the child. Each parent can have equal parts in decision-making for the child. Each parent can be involved in the day-to-day activities of the child.

As your lawyer, I will help you work out an agreement that everyone can support. Issues like holiday visits, summer vacations, weekends and other considerations are all taken into account. Most importantly, I will work to ensure that any custody agreement serves the best interests of your child.

Discuss Your Joint Custody Questions With A Lawyer

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