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Making Changes To Custody And Support Orders

When a divorce is finalized, the orders that are entered reflect the circumstances that exist at that time. If circumstances should change, however, it may be appropriate for the orders to be revisited and adjusted to more closely reflect the current situation. This process is referred to as a modification.

There are specific criteria that need to be met in order for a modification to be approved, and these matters can become quite complex. An experienced Little Rock child support modification attorney can review your case and help you understand your legal options. I am Trey Wright, and at The Wright Law Firm, I represent spouses on both sides of post-divorce modification issues.

I Can Help With Various Types Of Modifications

Modifications can be requested for a number of different orders, including the following:

Child custody: Child custody modifications can be requested based on a material change in circumstances as they affect the child. Any change in orders will be made to support the child’s best interests. I have handled cases involving parental relocation or move-aways, child endangerment issues and many others.

Child support: Child support modifications can be requested when there is an increase or decrease in the payor’s income by more than 20% or more than $100 per month. If the noncustodial parent becomes unemployed, the court can still order a minimum monthly amount to be paid.

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