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Is Nesting A Good Option For Your Post-divorce Family?

If you are going through a divorce and have children, you may have some well-founded concerns about shuffling your kids between two households. After all, according to Psychology Today, moving children between your home and your ex-spouse’s house may cause them to experience severe emotional distress.

Nesting, sometimes called bird nesting, may be the right solution for your post-divorce family. With this novel type of co-parenting arrangement, you and your former spouse maintain a family home where the kids always live. Meanwhile, you and your ex-spouse live in the family home with your children during your scheduled parenting time while otherwise living elsewhere.

Can You Afford A Nesting Arrangement?

Expense is one of the primary concerns for parents who are entertaining the possibility of nesting. Remember, not only must you help pay for the family home, but you also may have to maintain a separate residence. If you can live with relatives or friends during your non-parenting time, though, you may be able to fit nesting into your budget.

Can You Agree On Basic Terms?

For nesting to be successful, you and your ex-spouse must be on relatively good terms. To stay on good terms, you should be able to agree on some fundamental rules. These may include dividing household responsibilities, respecting each other’s parenting time and contributing to the upkeep of the family home.

Ultimately, even if you decide nesting is not a good fit for you, your children and your ex-spouse, it may give you some ideas about crafting a unique co-parenting arrangement that works for everyone in your family.