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Is Your Spouse Trying To Delay Your Divorce?

If you are in the early stages of divorce, you are probably itching to get the matter over with and to move on with your life. Your husband or wife, though, may have different ideas. While your spouse probably cannot prevent your divorce forever, he or she may try to drag out the process.

According to Psychology Today, the end of a marriage often causes one or both spouses to experience both disappointment and sadness. This is true even if divorce is the right decision. If your spouse is not yet ready to call it quits, he or she may use some stall tactics.

Rescheduling Meetings

Even if your spouse is busy, he or she should try to attend divorce-related meetings, such as settlement negotiations or mediation sessions. Rescheduling these meetings is a common delay tactic. Therefore, while you may be amenable to a few schedule changes, you eventually may have to take steps to move your divorce along.

Changing Attorneys

Your spouse should have the legal representation he or she wants. If your husband or wife changes attorneys frequently, though, he or she may be trying to stall your divorce. After all, new attorneys need time to get up to speed on your divorce case. Swapping legal counsel may add months to your divorce timeline.

Going Silent

It is not uncommon for reluctant divorcers not to sign documents, respond to e-mails or answer phone calls. If your spouse has gone silent, your divorce may come to a standstill. Ultimately, by alerting your attorney to your spouse’s stall tactics as soon as you notice them, you may help to keep your divorce on track.