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What Factors Affect How Long It Takes To Get A Divorce?

When a couple decides to seek dissolution of marriage, they typically want it done fast. Both parties are usually eager to put the past behind them and move on with their lives.

Even if everyone wants lightning speed, various elements impact the timeline. A bit of foreknowledge helps participants gauge when the process will be complete.


Mediation tends to be faster than going to court. Naturally, this is not always an option. A trial remains unavoidable. Often, divorce courts have massive backlogs. Depending on which county the split takes place in, a wait may be inevitable.


Sometimes, only one spouse has an interest in making divorce official. When someone refuses to sign documentation, expect it to cause a delay. In some instances, this individual may move and become difficult to locate. If both partners are unwilling to cooperate, expect extra hearings to be necessary.


Divorce is always more complicated when matters involving juveniles need consideration. Figuring out custody, visitation rights and child support payments is always vital. Identifying the best solutions can be time-consuming. Those without dependents have a much speedier experience on average.


Some husbands and wives have premarital or postnuptial agreements. If these documents exist, fewer details of the split are open to discussion. That said, an attorney must review contracts to make sure they are clear and in line with divorce law.

Many matters determine how long it takes to undo holy matrimony. Properly addressing every controllable concern sets the stage for swiftly parting.