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3 Tips For Parents Entering The Workforce After Divorce

When life takes an unexpected turn and a person must reenter the workforce after years of being a stay-at-home parent, the process can be extremely intimidating, particularly with the added stress from the emotional, mental and physical trauma that comes from a divorce. Fortunately, there are ways to simplify reentering the workforce after a long absence.

1. Rely On A Supportive Network

Forbes calls the opportunity to work again a “life reboot,” and a supportive network is necessary for that. Companies often make hiring decisions based on a reference who can vouch not only for an applicant’s skills but also for his or her character. If two candidates have identical resumes, the one with a connection in the industry or at the company is more likely to get the job.

2. Consider Transferable Skills

Transferable skills are vital when it comes to landing the right job. For example, a teacher does not have to teach to use the people skills they have learned from human interaction. Any transferable skills that apply to another job can be beneficial.

3. Create A Financial Plan

Divorce often leads to financial stress as both partners find ways to support themselves and the children. This can be extremely hard for the person who has been out of the workforce while raising children. One way to manage the stress of financial worries and limit frustration is to create a financial plan that includes milestones and a budget. This can help with determining what type of job and salary is right.

Many changes come with divorce. While it can all seem overwhelming, there are ways for someone who has not worked in years to prepare for the next stage of his or her life.