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Attitudes To Avoid During Divorce

Ending a marriage often creates tension and anxiety. Major decisions hang in the balance while emotions run high.

It is no surprise people tend to make poor choices during these times. Every divorcing spouse should avoid traveling down counterproductive paths.

Assigning Blame

Throwing around accusations never benefits divorce proceedings. Even if harsh words are accurate, they only increase the wedge between parties. Greater animosity dampens the possibility of ending a spousal relationship through mediation. This could permanently block the quickest and least expensive option.

Refusing Therapy

Terminating a marital union tends to batter the psyche. Those with uncontrolled rage or sadness remain prone to making unwise selections. Seeing a divorce counselor may help decrease such feelings. With enough sessions, partners can wind up in a better headspace for the burden that lies ahead. Sessions can happen either alone or in conjunction with a soon-to-be ex.

Ignoring Money Matters

Divorce is a financial burden many cannot shoulder. Wisdom suggests having the money to pay for an attorney saved up before pulling the trigger. Setting aside finances for this purpose can lower the odds of falling into debt. The inability to handle attorney bills could cause a divorce to drag on. Another possibility is that it puts one in a weaker negotiating position. Additionally, participants should recognize they might wind up getting less than they expect.

Steering clear of these and other pitfalls boosts the odds of a painless divorce. Approaching the task with awareness should make for a faster and smoother experience.