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What Are Some Warning Signs Your Spouse May Be Considering Divorce?

Typically, you will have many indications that your relationship is in trouble. But sometimes, one spouse is good at covering up their feelings, and you only discover something was seriously wrong when you get divorce papers.

If you have doubts about your marriage, there are some signs you can watch for that show your spouse may be thinking about walking away.

Decrease In Communication

If someone is thinking about leaving a relationship, he or she may pull away. You may notice you do not talk as much or that your spouse is not sharing things with you like he or she used to do. Your spouse may even avoid talking to you by going to bed early or claiming to have something else to do.

Less Time Together

Your spouse may find things to do that keep him or her away from home or away from you. You may notice your spouse has suddenly become much more busy than usual. This is tied to the idea of pulling away and separating in some sense from you.

Increase In Fights

A spouse who is thinking about leaving may be more combative. You may notice you fight more often, especially over small things that would have been inconsequential in the past. It may seem like you can suddenly do nothing right.

Your spouse may not be sure of his or her feelings. By pushing you away and trying to create distance between you, he or she is testing the waters. In a way, your spouse is already separating from you to see if this is really what he or she wants. If you suddenly notice you are not as close as you once were, you should talk and try to get to the bottom of it. These actions may not always mean the person is considering divorce, but where there is no other explanation, it is likely a sign your marriage is on the rocks.