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Locating Hidden Assets In Your Divorce

Part of the paperwork required for your divorce includes financial details that contribute to child support, alimony and asset division determinations. A key part of the financial evaluation is the Affidavit of Financial Means, which details your income, assets and expenses. You must provide accurate information on this affidavit.

What happens if you believe that your ex is misrepresenting their income and assets?

Gather Any Records You Can

If you have documentation of any assets that your ex did not report, present that evidence to the court. It is important that you gather as much information as possible before you leave, including copies of bank statements, records of investment accounts and details about retirement funds. Get copies of the deeds for any owned property as well.

Hire A Forensic Accountant

Whether you forgot to gather copies of financial statements or you just have a gut feeling that your ex is hiding something, a forensic accountant can investigate and uncover any evidence that exists. In some cases, a petition to the court could lead to a court order for a forensic accountant if you show just cause.

Consider A Private Investigator

A forensic accountant can uncover details of accounts and spending that your ex tries to hide, but may not always find other assets. A private investigator can find other assets, including safe deposit boxes, boats or vacation properties.

Be proactive about uncovering the facts when you think your ex is hiding something. Accurate financial records are essential for a fair distribution of assets and reasonable child support determination.