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The advantages of establishing legal paternity

The arrival of a new baby is exciting. Amidst the excitement and the transition, you should carefully consider the importance of paternity establishment. While some situations have a presumption of paternity, that does not apply to all births. Establishing legal paternity offers unmarried fathers many benefits.

Understand the benefits of establishing paternity to protect your rights.

Prevents unauthorized adoption

When you establish legal paternity, it prevents the birth mother from putting the child up for adoption without your signature. If you have any concerns that the birth mother might choose adoption without your consent, establish paternity to protect your right to claim custody.

Protects your child’s inheritance access

Some families create contentious situations around inheritance and children. Establish paternity for your child legally to ensure their legal right to claim the inheritance they deserve.

Ensures medical information and insurance accessibility

When paternity documents validate your child’s biological relationship, this ensures consistency and accuracy in medical information for potential genetic conditions. Paternity records also provide the necessary evidence to add your child to medical insurance policies if necessary.

Allows you to fight for your relationship

Even when you and the child’s birth mother have no relationship, legal paternity provides you with documentation to fight for your right to spend time with your child. As the legally established father, you can petition for custody or visitation to preserve your legal rights to a relationship with your child.

Understand the value of paternity testing so you can determine when it fits your needs. The court can even order testing if the birth mother resists your requests.