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Divorce for people ready to move on after a year of separation

Couples often live separately for an extended period before officially pursuing a divorce. After some time, many people find themselves ready to move on.

However, before taking the final step, it is important to consider various aspects to ensure a smooth and well-thought-out process.

Property and asset division

Property and assets acquired during the marriage may include real estate, vehicles, investments and personal belongings. Evaluate shared assets, debts and financial responsibilities. For example, if you and your spouse own a home together, the median value of owner-occupied housing units in Little Rock is $179,500.

Decide how to fairly divide these assets and obligations, ensuring both parties can maintain financial stability. Clearly outline who gets what to avoid disputes and ensure a fair distribution that aligns with both parties’ needs and contributions.

Custody and parenting arrangements

For couples with children, deciding custody and parenting arrangements is an important step. Determine custody arrangements, visitation schedules and financial responsibilities related to childcare.

Communication and documentation

Clear and effective communication is key to a smooth divorce process. Document any agreements, especially concerning financial matters, child custody and asset division. A written record can prevent misunderstandings. It can also serve as a reference point through the divorce proceedings.

Emotional preparedness

Moving on after a year of separation involves logistical considerations and emotional preparedness. Reflect on the emotional impact of the divorce and consider seeking support from friends, family or professionals. Acknowledge the challenges that may arise and develop coping strategies to navigate them.

If you address these considerations thoughtfully and communicate openly, you can navigate the divorce process with more confidence. This helps you set the stage for a more positive post-divorce future.