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Choosing a guardian for your child

Selecting a guardian for your child in the event of your demise is a significant responsibility. Taking thoughtful and deliberate steps ensures the well-being and secure future of your child.

Consider these key points in making this important choice.

Values and beliefs

When evaluating potential guardians, consider their values and beliefs. Opt for individuals who share similar moral principles and educational ideals. This will help maintain a sense of continuity in your child’s upbringing and ensure that his or her core values align with those of the chosen guardian.

Parenting style

Examine the parenting style of potential guardians to determine if it resonates with your own. Consider aspects such as discipline, communication and emotional support. A harmonious parenting approach will contribute to a smoother transition for your child during a challenging time.

Financial stability

Financial stability is an important factor to contemplate. Evaluate the financial situation of potential guardians, ensuring they can provide for your child’s basic needs, education and extracurricular activities if those costs exceed what you leave behind for care. While monetary considerations are important, also look for responsible financial habits.

Proximity and support system

Geographical proximity is another factor to weigh. Select a guardian who lives relatively close to your current residence to minimize disruptions in your child’s life. Additionally, consider the potential guardian’s existing support system, such as family and friends, as a strong network is invaluable in raising a child.


Before finalizing your decision, have open and honest discussions with the individuals you are considering. Confirm their willingness to take on the responsibility and discuss your expectations regarding your child’s upbringing. Clear communication is necessary to avoid misunderstandings and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Document your decision

Be sure to establish clear documentation of your selection. This is most simply done by including your wishes in your estate plan. If you have identified a secondary guardian, include that information as well, in case your primary choice is not able to fulfill the responsibility.

Taking these steps to select and name a guardian provides the peace of mind of knowing that your child’s future is in capable hands.