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How Alimony Works In Arkansas

When you split from your Arkansas husband or wife and your ex was the primary breadwinner, you may wonder whether you are going to struggle to maintain the same lifestyle you have now when your divorce becomes official. You may decide to ask for alimony, or spousal support, during your divorce. If so, there are certain factors that help determine not only if you receive it, but if so, how much you might receive and for how long.

According to SmartAsset, Arkansas recognizes three forms of alimony.

Types Of Alimony Arkansas Recognizes

The first form of spousal support Arkansas recognizes is temporary alimony. This typically lasts only while the divorce is ongoing. The second type is rehabilitative alimony. This type of alimony seeks to help you out for a set time so that you may develop the skills or education you need to become self-supportive. The third type of alimony recognized in Arkansas is permanent alimony, which lasts until one of you dies. This type of alimony award is rare.

How Judges Determine Alimony Amounts

Arkansas does not have a set formula for determining how much alimony you might receive. Instead, judges consider various factors, such as the length of your marriage, how much you each have in terms of assets and debts and who is the primary caregiver for any children you may have when deciding whether to award it.

While this may vary from one divorce to the next, most former spouses who have to pay alimony wind up paying their exes about 20% of their take-home pay.