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Finding The Right Family Law Attorney Takes Research

When people are going through a divorce or other family law matter, they should do their research when selecting an attorney.

When people in Little Rock find themselves in a marriage relationship that is fast disintegrating, it may be time to seek legal counsel. However, that may be easier said than done since there are literally dozens of attorneys out there. How do they know that the choice they are making is the right one?

Personal recommendations

Forbes suggests that people should ask others around them for a recommendation. This will enable them to not only get a personal perspective of others who have gone through either a similar family situation or legal issue, but it can also initiate a networking process. For example, maybe a person’s co-worker raves about the estate planning attorney he used. The attorney doesn’t practice family law, but she does know other attorneys and there may be someone she can recommend.

Ask questions

When selecting an attorney, people should approach the matter in the same way that they would buying a car or choosing a doctor. After all, the attorney’s experience and skills are going to have a great impact on the outcome of the divorce or child custody dispute. Questions should reflect the person’s unique situation. Some good questions to ask may include the following:

  • What is the attorney’s experience in handling family businesses in a divorce?
  • How long has the attorney practiced family law matters?
  • What are the billing fees?
  • Where did the attorney attend law school?

Additionally, people should find out if the attorney will be delegating the case to another associate or working directly with them. If the former, then it would be a good idea to meet with that person and ask the same questions.

Observe the attorney’s behavior

When meeting with a prospective attorney, it is not only important to ask questions but to observe what the attorney does. Does the attorney’s body language indicate that the attorney is really listening? Is the attorney asking questions of his or her own about the person’s situation? Is the attorney taking notes during the conversation?

Attorneys who take a phone call in the middle of the meeting may not be the right choice as it could indicate that they will not give the person’s matter the attention it needs. Likewise, looking at their watch or checking their phone may also be red flags.

Personal connection, a website that focuses on how to apply psychology to the legal profession, points out that people want an attorney who will care about them. This should not be surprising since people who are going through a family law issue are often dealing with a range of emotions. They may be feeling lost and are looking for reassurance from a legal professional that it will be okay. For that person, he or she should try to find an attorney who will provide that personal connection.

Divorce and child-related matters can be complex. People in Arkansas should discuss their concerns or options with a qualified attorney.